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At Montrose Mediation we are looking to

Collaborate Towards a Solution

About Us

Montrose Meditation began when friends, neighbors and others HOAs around the Montrose area, in Houston, called on Charles Vethan to help settle disputes. With only a cup of coffee or brunch as payment, he would listen, and try to settle the then minor disputes such as overgrown plants, unpaid rents, and the right to use a modified high power lawn mower on Saturday mornings.

Charles Vethan is your lead mediator at Montrose Meditation. He is board certified in Civil Trial Law as well as Consumer and Commercial Law. He has over 20 years of experience as a Board Certified AV Preeminent rated trial lawyer which has brought him cases that range from significant partnership and shareholder disputes to ownership rights and license royalties of intellectual property to employment and noncompete agreements for executive employees.

The mediators at Montrose Meditation provides an unconventional approach to settlement. Gone is the monotony of lecturing and in are impartial, unbiased views of the issues. There are 4 main points that go through the process of what Montrose Meditation offers.

  • Full review of the summary judgement motions and responses to have a clear understanding of each sides position;
  • Requests for attorneys to justify offers and counter-offers;
  • A deep dive into researching any unconventional legal positions, a realistic outlook on the likelihood of each parties success in prevailing with their side of the case; and
  • Addressing non-monetary items to avoid further issues down the line that can cause more negotiations and litigations.

No matter how significantly large or more complex a case may be, the heart of the issues remain a disagreement among individuals. Charles prides himself on the ability to work with individuals to address the roose cause along with the legal and factual issues.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a structured, interactive process where an impartial third party assists disputing parties in resolving conflict through the use of specialized communication and negotiation techniques. All participants in mediation are encouraged to actively participate in the process.

Benefits of Mediation

Saves Time

Mediation can offer a timely resoluiton. Litigation can be a length process potentially lasting years while mediation can reach a settlement in a matter of days or weeks.

Cost Effective

Traditional litigation can be quite expensive and the total cost is relatively unpredicatable. Mediation is far less expensive considering more time is actvely being spent to resolve the case. The cost is also much more predictable as a result of rapid settlement client participation.

Increased Compliance

Parties who have reached their own agreement through mediation are more likely to comply to the terms defined in their settlement, more so than terms defined by a third-party decision maker. Mediation also offers more control over the outcome of their dispute.


What I like about Charles Vethan is that he combines great listening skills and practical ideas with an excellent grasp of the law. It also helps that Mr. Vethan’s energy and desire to find a resolution do not wane late in the day, even when the parties’ frustrations mount and an impasse seems unavoidable. I enthusiastically recommend Mr. Vethan as a mediator.


DM & Clark

Mediated with Charles Vethan last week. He is extremely effective and goes the extra mile. It was clear Charles had studied the mediation statement provided prior to mediation and was well versed in the facts and law; he was respectful to my client throughout the entire process; and he even went late to make sure the case got resolved. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to mediate with him again

Jeff Crawford

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