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Our Process

What cases are appropriate for mediation through Montrose Mediation?

The Montrose Mediation team focuses on strength of it mediators, relying on their previous practice experience to focus on cases involving: 

Employment/Wrongful Termination
Fiduciary Duty
Commercial Litigation
Trademark and Copyright Disputes
Real Estate/Property Disputes

What are the benefits of mediating at Montrose Mediation?

Meditation is voluntar, flexible, economical, fast and confidential. If an agreement is reached, everyone wins. Regardless of the outcome, all negotiations and discussions during the mediation are privileged and may not be used in litigation, nor may the mediator be compelled to give testimony regarding the events occurring at the mediation. Montrose Mediation, because of the nature of the cases we handle, maintains focus on creative resolutions to get to “Yes.” No one cam promise you success at every mediation. However, if the parties are involved in contentious litigation. we promise to do only our very best to conclude your contentious matter.

What are the benefits of mediating at Montrose Mediation?

State Bar of Texas ADR Section: 

Texas Association of Mediators (TAM):